• Australia
  • New Zealand

Film maker: McKenzie Barney

Cycling The World tells the story of one woman’s multi-year journey to see the world by
bicycle. Through five continents, 28 countries and 29,000 kilometers, McKenzie encounters as
much of an exploration of the outer world as her inner landscape. Her quest through Southeast
Asia, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, Australia and South America is mostly solo, connecting the
explorer through moving meditation to nature, foreign cultures, and self. Along the way
McKenzie is caught in a military coup in Sudan, has a spear thrown at her by a Samburu
tribesman in Kenya, is ambushed by a wild African elephant in Botswana, crosses one of the
planet’s harshest desert environments in the Australian Outback, revisits a land where she first
began human-powered expeditions in New Zealand, traverses the world’s largest salt flats in
Bolivia, and navigates 16,000-foot below-freezing mountain summits along the spine of the
Andes in Peru. Told through the lens of a storyteller who wanted to live her own story, Cycling
The World is one woman’s inner dialogue and visual poem to the world. Narrative is woven
with visuals of our natural world’s most magical vistas. This 33-minute documentary film is an
ode to braving uncertainty, building courage as a callus, and living the

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